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Kyoto [JP] close

HIRO started his career made brought rave shows all over Japan every week that also made him inspired by DJs and organizers all over the country. In 2020 he started his own party crew “Magic hour” and held parties. HIRO has been transmitting his own unique positive thinking and peaceful […]


São José dos Pinhais  [BR] close

Jhou is a music collector, southern Brazilian DJ Jhou got to know Psychedelic Trance in mid-2003 and shortly after began his first research and mixing, he came a long way and is currently a very present figure in the development of this culture in his region. Official member of two […]


Piracaia [BR] close

DIKSHA is the awakening of consciousness to a state of unity. It is a transformative energy that allows understanding and deepening of yourself, with others and with life. It is able to activate brain areas that promote the change of feelings and emotions, and amplify the perception. DIKSHA is a […]


Helsinborg [SE] close

Svess, aka Sophia went to her first ever psytrance party in 2003 and that was when this music love story began. Never ever had she heard or felt music in this powerful way before. After many years of blissful experiences on dance floors all over the world, her desire to […]


Munster [BR-AL] close

Worf a.k.a. André Cardoso is a freak, ecologist and DJ. In the 80´s, he was born in Brazil, but lived most of his lifetime in Germany, where one half of his parents is from. Like most Artists, he also got in contact with music at an early age. Sensitive to […]


Santiago [CL] close

Gabriel Donoso a.k.a. Cryptophonix is an experienced Chilean music producer, playing almost for 10 years throughout the world. Now, he is presenting his new Forest/Dark project to the public. A music composed of sinister basslines, accelerated BPM’s, combined with a brutal range of fractalic and psychedelic sounds. A grim combination […]

As A Child

Southern Israel [IL] close

AS A CHILD is a Psychedelic Side Project by Mark Avramov as known by his original Project Out Of Range, ‘As a Child’ is an original project aimed at the ‘mature psychedelia’ genre of 148 to 152 BPM with lots of heavy elements and sharp glitches and quite a bit […]

Alien Frequencies

Melborne [IN-AU] close

Alien Frequencies is a project that manifested from and is inspired by psychedelic music, Love for Spirituality and Mysticism. He has been active in India, Australia and New Zealand delivering psychedelic Goodness since 2010. The project was curated by Raghu, a DJ / Music Producer based in Melbourne, Australia. He […]

Space Heal

Sao Paulo [BR] close

Space Heal is the spiritual evolution of the brazilian music producer Lucas Naloni. His compositions is coming from the source of the Afro-Brazilian mysticism. His music promisses to bring you a healing energy.  


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